JMHA Contact Information

Executive Director Debbie Bailey
Executive Assistant Vacant
Finance Director Jim Fullen
Deputy Finance Director Lisa Baumgard
Accountant Vacant
Tenant Accounts Receivable Debra Bailey
Security Supervisor Joe Buchmelter
Work Order Coordinator Larry Baumgard
Director of Section 8 Housing Vacant
Section 8 Occupancy Specialist II Connie Talbott
Section 8 Occupancy Specialist III Danette Johnson
FSS Coordinator Vacant
Director of Public Housing Vacant
Public Housing Manager III Cathy Merritt
Public Housing Manager II Rhonda Parrish
Public Housing Manager II Aleta Monroe
Public Housing Manager III Gloria Martin
Public Housing Manager III Mary Ann
Public Housing Manager II Caroline Prayso
Maintenance Manager Ron Kaine
Facilities Manager Vacant

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