The Section 8 Program (HCVP) recognizes that very low-income people do not have enough money to afford decent, safe, and good quality housing. The program addresses this problem by providing a Section 8 subsidy to assist the household with monthly housing costs. This subsidy - which is based on the cost of moderately priced rental housing in the community - is provided by a Public Housing Agency (PHA) under a contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Section 8 household pays a portion of monthly housing costs that is based on the income of the household. The household's portion is usually - but not always - equal to 30 percent of its monthly adjusted income.

The family share of rent may not exceed 40% of the family's monthly adjusted income.

The Section 8 waiting list is now open.
Click here for the online application.

If you have submitted an application:
  • While on the waiting list, you are responsible to notify Jefferson MHA, in writing, of any changes to your application information, including address and phone number changes.
  • Periodically you will receive communication to update your information for Jefferson MHA, as well as when you are selected from the waiting list. Please respond to the communication promptly as instructed.

Section 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Portability Information

Information for Landlords

Landlords may provide available rental unit info on this form that can be dropped off or faxed to us at 740-284-7079.

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